Corfe Castle 


Left: The ruins of Corfe Castle rest at the top of a large hill overlooking the village and surrounding farmland. Corfe Castle was built in the early 11th century and stood for over 500 years before it was destroyed in 1646 during the English Civil War. Wanderlost Magazine | Sam MacDonald

Right: Corfe Castle dates back to the 11th century. While the castle is technically a ruin, it's still a major tourist and local attraction saturated with history and sights to explore. Wanderlost Magazine | Lane Stafford 


Left: Corfe Castle sits at the top of a sprawling hill covered in pastures filled with sheep grazing the land. Wanderlost Magazine | Sam MacDonald 

Right: The southwestern view of the Isle of Purbeck from the ruins of Corfe Castle. For centuries, red Devon cattle and Exmoor ponies graze the Lowland heaths surrounding Corfe. Wanderlost Magazine | Nicole Morales