• Wanderlost Staff

About Time We Enjoyed Our Time

By: Mary Kathryn Carpenter

We sat down on the white couches, within the white walls of the white cottage with green shutters and a green door, and we had cups of ice cream in our hands. Sounds like a scene from a movie right?

It took a moment to get the TV to play what we wanted to see, but after typing in passwords and searching and searching and searching, a movie poster featuring a laughing Rachel McAdams in a red dress showed up on the screen.

There was this feeling of comfort as we all gathered in the small living room, eyes glued to the television as we watched the movie some of us had seen dozens of times while others were enjoying their first serving of it along with their second serving of the chocolatey swirl ice cream we’d found at a convenience store two miles away.

About Time has this sort of dreamy elegance to it, and below us on the hill sat the home in which a large portion of filming for the movie occurred.

I think, after filming was over, some of the dreamy, elegant magic was left behind, coating the house’s intricate hallways and crowded bookshelves, sprinkled over the camellia garden. I believe some of it may have even drifted up the hill to the cottage we were staying in, watching the movie filmed in the house below. Of course, dreamy magic takes the form of fine, golden glitter, but not in the annoying, sticks-to-everything-for-all-eternity way.

Based on the contentment, the smiles, the small tears that ran down our faces during the movie, some of the magic may have even made it into the ice cream, melding itself with the chocolate sauce.

I think I’ll have to try to find that ice cream again soon.