• Wanderlost Staff

About Time House: The extraordinary, ordinary magic of a movie

By: Lane Stafford

My Mom’s love language is movies. Her favorite conversation starter and weekend activity is watching a motion picture in her favorite spot on the couch.

However, she doesn’t fixate on the complexity of the plot line or the cinematography, at least she doesn’t mention that in her film reviews. She’s more concerned with how a movie makes her feel. Laura watches movies to escape reality, but at the same time, face the emotions of everyday life. They’re a type of therapy for her. I love this about my Mom.

The best part about her love for movies is the ability to form a special bond with her by liking the same films. I’ll never forget the first time she showed me About Time back in early 2015. I’ll admit that sometimes when my mom goes on and on about a movie, I resist her efforts to get me to watch. I’m not always in a “movie-watching mood." So, when she initially recommended that I watch the British romantic comedy, I was a little hesitant. However, she insisted that I would love it, especially because I have an obsession with all things British, and no one who’s seen it can argue that this particular film isn’t dripping in British charm.

So, I gave her recommendation a shot. We made some popcorn, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and, after 124 beautifully scripted and scored minutes, I fell in love with About Time.

She was right. The quirky humor of the characters, the beautiful scenes of London and Cornwall and the life lessons about romance, family and the beauty of ordinary life captured my heart. I have probably watched the movie 15 times since that night and listened to the soundtrack at least 50 times. I studied abroad in London during the summer of 2016 and every morning when I took the train to class, I would listen to what I call my “tube song”: “How Long Will I Love You,” the main tune from the film. I watch it when I’m happy, when I’m homesick, when I’m sad, and I show it to everyone who becomes close with me. It’s become a piece of my Mom to carry with me when I can’t be with her. Not only is the movie therapy for me, it represents the special bond I have with my Mom.

When I arrived at the About Time house in Cornwall during our visit to England, I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. The sun was shining while gusts of salty air reminded me England’s spring weather can be unpredictable. The soundtrack was running through my head like it had been running through the speakers of our rental car as I wandered through the charming guesthouse and iconic yard full of camellias.

I teared up thinking about how much this movie meant to me, but most of all how much this place means to me and Mom. The staff of Wanderlost had a perfect one-night stay in the lodge where we cooked spaghetti and toasted wine glasses to a beautiful life. I was so grateful that the rest of the staff was so willing to explore this dream destination with me. I can’t wait to take Laura next.