S  t. Mawes

Left: An artillery canon stands guard out in front of St. Mawes Castle. Wanderlost Magazine | Sam MacDonald

Right: St. Mawes Castle was commissioned by King Henry VIII to defend against Spanish and French forces after his split with Rome and the Catholic Church in 1534. The four-story, clover-leaf shaped fort is one of two deterrents guarding the mouth of Carrick Roads, a major southwestern estuary and port. Wanderlost Magazine | Nicole Morales 


Left: A blue boat is seen heading out to Carrick Roads from the River Fal next to St. Mawes Castle. St. Mawes was constructed by Henry VIII between the years 1540 and 1542.

Right: A cross carved into the curved wall of St. Mawes Castle is visible in the distance under a stone archway. Wanderlost Magazine | Sam MacDonald